The Park Saves Lives – Weekend Diaries – 17-18th November 2018

Weekends come and go in the blink of an eye, don’t they? One minute it’s Friday night. You are enjoying your glass of prosecco and see this big long weekend stretched infant of you. The next minute you are crying into your sauvignon blanc on a Sunday night, ironing shorts and wondering what the hell happened. I wanted to start documenting out weekends as much as I could. We have fast approached the end of the year, Christmas is nearly here, and when it comes to documenting memories, I just haven’t been that great at it. I sometimes even forget to pull my phone out and take a snap. Something I know I will regret it come the future when pictures and video clips will be what I have to look back on.

This weekend wasn’t special; in fact, it is just a normal one for us. It begins with Soccer AM on a Saturday morning, and breakfast being made while drinking hot cups of tea and coffee. Today, we decided to head to the park for some fresh air, and I will be honest with you, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I had been feeling a little bit of cabin fever, and I know that moods were beginning to turn, mine especially, and so heading to the park was really going to save lives. Ok, enough with the dramatics!

Sometimes it is the simple things that can change your mood, and instantly put a smile your face, and the park did that for us today. I felt fresh; I felt happy and content. I am so glad I managed to capture a few images while we were there.

Saturday evening was a relaxed affair and the same can be said for Sunday. Traditionally Sunday is a day that I catch up with washing, and we do homework. Watching films, cooking up a big Sunday dinner and just soaking in the last few moments of family time before the week kicks off in full force the following morning. This weekend wasn’t special, we didn’t go anywhere particularly amazing, and we didn’t have any elaborate days or evenings out. But it has been one of my favourites, and I think that is simply because time with the family is often the best tonic to help you feel happy and content.

I also managed to put together a little video. I hope you enjoy it. If you did we would love it if you subscribed to our channel.

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