Meal Planning

“You can’t always plan your life exactly, things will happen. But you can plan your meals, and who doesn’t love to eat?”

Rachel – The Parenting Edit


Meal planning is something that I absolutely love to do. Naturally I like to be organised, but if the truth be told, I am not particularly good at it. Planning helps me to focus, to know what I need to do and to stay on track for my week. Planning my meals is one element of that and has saved me in many ways. I find I spend less on food each week, because I only buy specific things. I am wasting less food, because the food that is bought is being used in my weekly meal plan, and lastly the meals are a little more nutritionally balanced. I also work from home so planning things like breakfast and lunches helps me to start fuelled throughout the day. Which in turn keeps me energised and productive. A win win situation if you ask me. So I thought it would be nice to share with you all the type of planner that I use. It’s simple, but it outlines three meals a day for seven days. I tend to plan my meals on a Sunday and I share a blog post on a Monday with the weeks meals all laid out. I love reading other meal plans and watching grocery hauls on YouTube as it gives me so much inspiration, so perhaps sharing mine will give you the inspiration you need. Also please feel free to download and print off my free meal planner to help you get started. Share your images online using the hashtag #TPEMealPlan so that we can all feel inspired.

The parenitng edit – meal planner

Meal plan – November 2nd 2020Read here