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The Parenting Edit is a parenting and lifestyle blog focused around our family life. We plan on sharing the highs and lows of parenthood through many articles, tips and tricks and YouTube videos. We cover all aspects of parent life. We are a family that loves to spend time outdoors and traveling but sometimes nothing can beat those afternoons just spent at home. 

Rachel aka Mummy

I am a thirty something mum of a little boy called Logan who is seven years old and a step mum to a teenage boy who is fifteen years old. We also have our rainbow bay girl and after a hard trying to conceive journey we are so excited about what the future holds. Having experienced two miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy I also share my experiences of baby loss and navigating the world of being pregnant with the anxiety that comes with it. I love writing and wine, not necessarily in that order and I am always trying to be that Pinterest mum. 

Wayne aka Papa

Wayne is the head of the family, the papa and the one who keeps the family glued together. He is my long suffering husband of nearly four years but has been by my side for over eight and they have honestly been the happiest years of my life. We actually met when we worked together at the same car dealership. Now Wayne still works within the motor industry but we are also exploring and creating a business from home to enable us to enjoy the life of both of us having the flexibility to be at home with our children.


Luca essentially made me a mum first. A shy seven year old coming into my life and as someone who, to put it bluntly, wasn’t exactly “kid friendly” he allowed me in, and I would say we have been the best of friends since. Of course, officially I am his step mum, but I always try and find that right balance between parenting him and not stepping on his mothers toes. The balance can be tricky at times. He is a typical teenage lad. Head always in his phone absorbed in YouTube videos but when he isn’t watching the latest gaming video or playing Fortnite he is also excelling at science and doing incredibly well in his academics. He is pretty good at the old football and boxing too so it is fair to say we’re pretty proud of him. 


Logan, the boy who officially made me a mum and the light and soul of our family. He’s seven going on twenty, a little diva at times but an all round lovely boy who we just wouldn’t be without. I love his enthusiasm for life and for his schoolwork. The teachers say that he literally is the happiest child in school and that is something that makes me so proud. He loves football, swimming and has developed a fondness for Minecraft and most recently Fortnite. He is a typical little lad, pushing buttons and boundaries and always wanting to be the centre of attention. 


Our rainbow baby girl finally arrived in March 2020 and only a few weeks before we went into lockdown. She is a feisty and happy little girl. She is brilliant and I’m just so lucky to have a super chilled little lady. We are currently weaning right now, and soon she will be on the move.

Whats next for our family?

Waiting for a house we have renovated to sell. We have moved into to it recently. You can find out more about our renovations and property developing on our home renovation blog Let’s Flip A Home

Hoping to get on holiday somewhere soon once it is safe to do so.

Move home and start the renovation process once more. 

Follow our journey …

You can follow Rachel on Instagram where we share our family pictures and daily lives through Instagram stories.

You can follow Wayne on Instagram where there will be snapshots of family life and behind the scenes pictures and footage from our channel and blog.

YouTube for vlogs and sit down videos sharing our lives and thoughts. 

Get in touch to work with us by checking out the contact me page.

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