Meal Plan – 21st January

I love to plan my meals. I find that it really helps me stay on track and focused and less likely to spend loads of money in the supermarket and waste too much. I always like to sit down on a Sunday, watch a few YouTube or check out some Instagram accounts. So I wanted to share with you what we plan on eating this week. Where I can I will share with you any recipes I have found or any links to them either on my blog or on other websites or blogs. So without further ado here’s what we are eating this week:

MONDAY – Joe Wicks Chicken pie

TUESDAY – An all-day breakfast (Tuesday is a busy day with after school clubs so always want something quick and easy)

WEDNESDAY – The husband is away so Logan and I are gate crashing my parents for tea. I think we will be having Tuna Lasagna

THURSDAY – Pork Chops with veg and potatoes

FRIDAY – Sausage Casserole (It’s our weekend with Luca this weekend so I always tend to cook the things he likes)

SATURDAY – Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread

SUNDAY – Roast dinner (I will buy a joint near the end of the week but I fancy Gammon, so reckon that will be what it is)

I always find that it is good to feel inspired so I also want to share with you accounts either on YouTube or Instagram that give me the inspiration for some meals, and today I wanted to share Kerry Whelpdale. Kerry is always sharing her quick lunch ideas on Instagram and has a recipe series that has just started on her YouTube channel. I also highly recommend her hack for cooking a roast chicken dinner. I swear I haven’t cooked it differently since watching her video.

Please share with me your inspiration for meals this week in the comments below and if you would like any of the recipes for the above meals, then please let me know.

Also don’t forget you can get my free downloadable meal planner below.

The parenitng edit – meal planner

Have a great week.


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