Top Tips For Driving In A Heatwave

Let’s face it – for all of the reputation that the UK has for greyness and drizzle, there’s nothing like the great British summer. Perhaps it’s so great precisely because we spend so much of the year waiting for it! 

Unfortunately, though, this might also partly explain why Britons are seemingly so bad at preparing themselves to drive in hot weather. According to a survey by one car insurer a few years back, 4.4 million motorists were supposedly guilty of not taking any safety precautions when driving in warmer conditions.

So, let’s ensure you don’t become a statistic in the sunny weather, with these tips for driving in a heatwave. 

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Check your vehicle before setting off 

It seems like common sense to say that extreme temperatures are bad for human beings. So, why do we not take this as a given for the vehicles we drive, too? 

If, for instance, your car has been left untouched for a while amid the various lockdowns, it’s strongly recommended that you check the engine oil and water coolant levels. 

And for that first petrol station visit after such a break, we’d suggest that you not only top up the fuel, but also pump up the tyres and grab some screen wash, in case you find yourself needing extra in these warmer conditions. 

Have an emergency kit in the car 

You can never be absolutely sure in any conditions whether your car might break down, but elevated temperatures can heighten the risk. And more to the point, if you do break down, you and any passengers might be stuck for a while before help arrives. 

So, it’s a good idea to put together an ‘emergency kit’ that is always in your car for those trips out in the sun. Think in terms of the obligatory warning triangle and jump leads, but also a water bottle and even a reflective emergency blanket for providing shade. 

And you will need to pack multiple drinks to help people hydrate if you have passengers, of course. If you’re travelling with kids, why not even have a cool box in the car – not the boot – containing icy treats and cold drinks, so that everyone can always feel refreshed? 

Make sure you’re well-hydrated 

We covered this one a little above, but it really is worth underlining. Past research has suggested that being dehydrated behind the wheel is as bad as drink-drinking in terms of the number of errors a driver is liable to make. 

That should indicate to you how risky it can be to deliberately drive slightly dehydrated – as some drivers do – in order to minimise the number of toilet stops on longer journeys. 

Dehydration while driving is associated with such effects as poorer focus, slower reaction times, and muscle cramps. So, in the same way we routinely “just say no” to mixing driving and alcohol, we should do the same for driving and dehydration, especially in hot weather.   

Get ample sleep and take regular breaks 

With the Sleep Foundation stating that people who fail to get seven hours of sleep a day are at greater risk of drowsiness leading to a driving accident, you should definitely make sure you enjoy plenty of shuteye before driving in a heatwave. That’s because warm weather can make you feel even drowsier than you would in less sweltering conditions. 

If your vehicle lacks air conditioning, it’s also recommended that you stop for a break at least every 90 minutes, to give everyone the opportunity to stretch their legs and enjoy some fresh air. 

Don’t leave children or pets in the car 

Like the other tips in this list, this is advice you should be heeding in any weather conditions, but it’s of even more critical importance when it’s extremely hot outside. 

Even if it’s just a “short trip to the supermarket”, you should always take any children or pets with you, instead of leaving them in the vehicle. Temperatures within a car can rapidly rise on already-hot days, especially if the vehicle isn’t parked in the shade. 

Speaking of keeping your children safe and comfortable for heatwave travel, it’s also strongly urged that you have them dressed in loose-fitting clothing. It’s a good idea, too, to protect their eyes by using shades on your windows if your vehicle doesn’t have tinting. 

There you have it – a rundown of tips that will help ensure you drive safely and responsibly amid the elevated temperatures we’ve seen lately. And if you don’t yet have a vehicle at all, why not turn to CarFinanceGenie for attractive no-deposit car finance options? 

Trying To Conceive – Our Journey So Far

Having a baby was something I just expected to happen. After all, I already had a baby, and that was a complete surprise. Logan came along in a whirlwind. Myself and my now husband hadn’t been together too long, and to say we weren’t exactly prepared would be an understatement. Of course, we were extremely excited, and I would say having Logan has certainly been a highlight in our lives. But, the one thing I never thought would happen would be the difficulty of trying to conceive once more. Surely if it happened the first time, it would happen again easily enough, right? Wrong!

When Logan turned two, we thought it would be a great idea to have another baby. We have Luca as well, but as he isn’t with us 100% of the time, we thought it would be nice to add another sibling into the mix. We tried, and for a few months, nothing happened. I know that these things can go like this, so when September 2015 rolled around and we finally got that very much wanted positive pregnancy test we were elated. It was finally happening for us. However, it doesn’t always go to plan does it? I started to experience pain, and bleeding, and to cut a long story short, one I plan on blogging about but have talked about on Instagram, I was having an ectopic pregnancy. Baby loss was something I knew very little about. I was aware of it, I knew it could happen, but thats as much thought as I had given it in the past. This pregnancy was something I did not expect to end in the way that it did.

It took a while to get over it, and it never actually leaves you, but we knew we wanted to try again, and that we did. However, it took 18 long months later to finally get a positive pregnancy test once more, a month after our wedding day, perfect time you would think. May 2017 and again the excitement took hold quickly. I was cautious, but I just thought that this was finally our time. But only a few short weeks later, the pain returned and so did the bleeding, and after regular trips to the hospital, a promise of an intermittent heartbeat being detected it turned out that out little one hadn’t made it. I could have waited for it to happen naturally. But I went numb and just wanted the whole thing to be over as soon as possible, so I opted to have the surgery to end the pregnancy.

I wasn’t sure how much more I could take. Like the last time, I distracted myself with life and got on with things, and surprisingly only a few short months later in September 2017 I was pregnant once again. This was going to be it. I was sure of it. But this time the doubt and the fear was overwhelming. Every little niggle I was scared. Everytime I went to the bathroom I was scared. A few weeks later, it was the weekend, and the start of Logans first half term. I started to feel period style pains and cramps and bleeding heavily. I was miscarrying again, only this time it was happening all on its own. I remember the day vividly. I remember it happening. It is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. From October 2017 to today now January 2019, we have continued to try, albeit not in a strict kind of way. We want nature to takes it course but sadly it hasn’t happened for us. We are under the care of the hospital. We have had scans and an MRI to see if there is any reason why this keeps happening, and we now have some difinitive answers which will be coming up in a future blog post. I wanted to start tracking our trying to conceive journey. I want to try new methods and things to see if it helps increase our chances. I also want to be able to share with you all the highs and the lows, baby loss, what it means and the general mental impact this can have on you. We are still positive that we will be able to conceive again, and this is going to workout for us. But we also realise how very blessed we are with two healthy boys.

Do you have any trying to conceive tips you would like to share? Leave a comment below with your advice.

The Parenting Edit Is Here – But Who Are We And What Is This Blog About?

I wanted to write this post as a sort of extended “about me” blurb. I’m Rachel, I’m in my early thirties, love writing and drinking wine, not necessarily in that order. I am a mum to a bouncing four year old boy called Logan and a step mum to a teenage boy called Luca. My job is technically a freelance writer and I do love the occasional boxset marathon and binge watching a bit of trashy tv, when I get to control the remote. My husband is Wayne, he has a pretty stressful job and also has businesses working from home. We met back in 2012 and literally had what you would only describe as a whirlwind relationship. Our little boy was unexpected but what a gift he was to us, and we now currently live together with our dog on the borders of Derbyshire and Cheshire.

Here I am once more, blogging, something I thought I never would do again. It is crazy to think that nearly two years away from the “parenting” blogging world I have found myself jumping head first once more. This isn’t my first rodeo in the blogging world. As a family, we also have a home renovation blog. But I did in fact have a parenting blog that I started back in 2013 when my little boy was only a baby. It was a way of release and keeping my brain functioning a little, while I navigated the sleep deprived world of first time parenthood. Blogging was really important to me, but I began to feel a little wobble in terms of the online world and juggling a freelance writing career, that my blog gave me, alongside it felt like too much. I gave it up. Something I completely regret now. Of course, back then it felt like the right thing to do and I recently have learnt that you can’t regret things that have already happened. In theory, you can’t change them. You can only learn from the experience and move forward. And so here I am again, having learnt that having a passion, a hobby and something you enjoy is important as a mum and even as human being. You need it in your life. It is important for your wellbeing.

I guess this blog will be very similar to what I did in the past. I plan on sharing our family life in the form of an online diary. The highs and lows, my tips and experiences, alongside hoping to reach out to other parents who have experienced similar or to help in some way. In this blog I will also cover things like miscarriage and baby loss, something myself and my husband have now experienced three times. Blogging was a form of therapy for me back when my little boy was younger. I struggled with post natal anxiety and even now still have my bad days. I’m hoping that writing articles once more about the things I love as well as still managing to juggle my freelance career, which again I thank blogging for, will give me some new found perspective and motivation to capture the memories that myself and my family make on a day to day basis.

I hope that you stick around and if you can follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our YouTube channel we would really appreciate it.

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