January Goals – Why I Don’t Do New Year’s Resolutions

The new year is here and so I have done what many people do at this time and think about the next twelve months, the changes I want to make and the things I want to achieve. But, I have one thing to admit. I am a serial New year resolutions maker and breaker. I do the same thing each time. I write a big list of things I want to do and change, and then as the month draws on, and changes haven’t happened so quickly or things have not gone to plan, I give up. I get frustrated, annoyed and feel like a failure. It isn’t the most productive things to do. 

However this year I want to try something new. I want to focus on smaller goals I can achieve that are working to long term changes I want to make. I want to focus on my lifestyle this year and my work. But what I want to achieve isn’t going to happen overnight. So this month I am implementing some habit changes and small goals to help me get to where I want to be. I have recorded a video talking about it in more detail below if you would like to hear my ramblings as I feed my baby girl her breakfast. In brief this month I want to:

  • Dry January 
  • Start my weight loss journey
  • Exercise more
  • Get organised at home, in work and with Logans schoolwork 

Are you a serial new year resolutions maker and breaker like me? What are your plans for 2021? Check out my video below. 


My Favourite Moment Of 2020

There is no doubt about it, 2020 was a rough year. For many of us! The covid-19 outbreak has shocked us to the core, and while I never expected high changes when the clock struck midnight to arrive into 2021, I am hopeful of a better year. 

That being said I couldn’t mark the turn of a new year without thinking about my favourite moment of 2020. There were some incredible highs even in the toughest of times, and one of those times was our baby girl being born. She really has slotted into the family like I never thought possible. 

First picture with our new baby girl

After trying for a few years and the sky gaining three of the brightest stars, we didn’t need to wait anymore. Our baby girl joined my husband and I and our two boys, and we couldn’t be happier. That was my moment. The 3rd of March 2020. Before the lockdown and schools shutting, before all of the craziness. For a few weeks it was normal. While it hasn’t been the first year of her life I expected or planned, it has certainly still been one to remember. I have made a video of our year if you fancy taking a look at some of the other memorable moments. 


Here’s to 2021 and whatever it has planned for us.